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My First Wine Tasting in Napa

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to head up North to go wine tasting for the very first time. I was eager to try different wines and broaden my palate. Getting a few recommendations before hand, I had an idea of which wineries I would visit. I enjoyed all of the wineries I visited, but there was one in particular that stuck out to me and was really something special. That winery was V Sattui.

Yes—the wine was fantastic. But it was the atmosphere that has stuck with me long after I finished all of the wine I bought there. Like many wineries in Napa, the first thing that greets you when pulling in is the gorgeous estate. The flowers and idyllic atmosphere were the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful smell of the vineyards. Walking up to the fountain in front really completes the experience and lets you know that you are somewhere special.

Stephen Willis Musician Writer V Sattui

Me outside the tasting room at V Sattui.

What is perhaps most inviting about V Sattui however, is the relaxing atmosphere. It caught me completely off guard to see so many families. Children were running around in the grass while their parent’s enjoyed their wine. It was definitely not a site I expected to see in Napa. Families and couples alike relaxed in the grass to have a picnic along with their wine.

Inside the tasting room, while very busy, was no different. The staff was great and really wanted to make sure you had a great time. We ended up trying a number of fantastic wines. Their cab in particular was very unique and stuck out to me the most. Naturally, I didn’t walk out empty handed and along with some wine, had cheese and crackers outside in the perfect Napa weather.

Out of the all the places we ended up visiting on that trip, V Sattui will always be a high point for me. Of course the wine was great and the property is quite a sight to behold, but above everything else, the atmosphere is what really made it a very unique experience. Wine tasting at V Sattui felt like visiting the house of an old friend. It was so inviting and I can’t recommend the visit highly enough. The next time you’re in Napa, be sure to put V Sattui on your list.

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