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Wine Tasting at Mumm Winery

After visiting Mumm Winery in Napa, I left feeling as though I had the real Napa experience. Whatever the experience in Napa is supposed to be, Mumm captures it perfectly. It was simply everything I imagined a great wine tasting experience should be.

For starters, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. When you are seated in the tasting room, you will have a first class view of the vines. While it’s not hard to find a gorgeous view in Napa, I must say that was by far the best one of my trip. It really made you just want to sit back and enjoy the sparkling wine as you let every worry slip away. Wine tasting a Mumm for me, was an opportunity to sit back and enjoy company with my family whom I was with. The scene was much the same looking around the room. Everyone was there, enjoying themselves and enjoying the people they had come with. There’s nothing like bonding over a good glass of champaign.

Wine tasting at Mumm truly was a 5 star experience. For some, that could make Mumm a bit intimidating. But the staff was great and really made sure that everyone felt welcome. Their gift shop is really unique as well. It’s full of lots of great trinkets that could be reminiscent of a Sharper Image store for wine accessories. Yes, I naturally picked up an unusual wine holder centerpiece while I was there. It’s a memento of the trip that has since served as a great conversation piece at get togethers and a reminder of a fantastic vacation.

With the views, great wine, and the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the people you’re with, Wine tasting at Mumm Winery is exactly the kind of idyllic experience that everyone should have on a trip to Napa.

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