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Food, Wine, and Friendship

There’s something unique about the way wine brings people together. My best personal experience of this occurred over a year when a few friends and I decided to have dinners every week. It sounded like a great way to make sure we stayed connected. So we started getting together once a week, enjoying great food and conversation. Naturally, I was the one in charge of bringing the wine.

Sometimes we planned dinner with a perfect wine to match, occasionally we just ended up with whatever I felt like drinking that day. We tried all kinds of wine, different varietals, different price ranges. We didn’t much care what we drank, as long as it tasted good and we had a good time. What I realize now, is how much enjoying wine together helped us connect. One could argue that perhaps a beer or cocktail could have the same result. But I think there is something unique about wine. After all, you really can’t have the same bottle twice. Unlike anything else, wine is something you can experience.

We met like this just about every week for a year and a half. After that, we had tried all kinds of wine from all around the world. Of course we had our favorites that I made sure to buy again. Making the time to spend time together was great, but I think it was really the wine that was the icing on the cake. It made what would have been a normal evening something we could always look forward to that much more. While we don’t get a chance to get together like we did, we do occasionally have an opportunity to do it again. Every time, there is one thing we are all really excited about—the wine.

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