My First Wine Tasting in Napa

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to head up North to go wine tasting for the very first time. I was eager to try different wines and broaden my palate. Getting a few recommendations before hand, I had an idea of which wineries I would visit. I enjoyed all of the wineries I visited, but there was one in particular that stuck out to me and was really something special. That winery was V Sattui.Continue Reading..


How Long Does Unopened Wine Last in Phoenix?

Like many things about wine, the answer can be simple and complex at the same time.

First of all, all wine does not need to be aged, but some wines will indeed “mature” and become better over time. Eventually all wine will go beyond the “mature” date, and it will go over the hill faster and uncontrollably, if not properly stored. Warmer temperatures accelerate the aging process. That may sound good if you want to drink it sooner, but if it is aged gracefully and slowly the way it was meant to, it will allow it to develop more complexity, soften harsh tannins, and develop “bottle bouquet”. Continue Reading..